Ultimate Products staff find the ‘perfect solution’ to staying fitter

LUV Fitness trainers Nick and Louise

EMPLOYEES of Oldham-based Ultimate Products are staying fitter and attaining enhanced levels of wellbeing whilst working from home – and so are their bosses!

Ultimate Products wanted to support its workforce with what has been a very tough period – with likely falling levels of physical and mental health fitness amongst its employees – due to the effects of the pandemic. 

The company turned to virtual fitness business – LUV Fitness – which beams out to the world from its fitness studio in Salford’s Media City.

LUV Fitness had recently developed a new corporate wellness programme that was ideal for keeping the bodies and minds of remote workers in tip-top condition, whilst also delivering lockdown team bonding and some structure to the working week.

Ultimate Products approached them and briefed in its requirements. 

The result was the creation of four weeks of fitness class sessions of 20-40 minutes’ duration, just for Ultimate Products’ employees. 

The participating employees can sign in live via a private code for instant real-time bonding with workmates, or choose to join a recorded on-demand session, at a time to suit.

They can also access over 300 other pre-recorded classes on demand, from boxing to weights and cycling.

By forming a social media group around the class, they can also chat and exchange stories of fitness goals and achievements.

The high-energy live sessions in the corporate package use the same upbeat music and uplifting lighting effects as other LUV Fitness sessions, but also cover topics such as nutrition and hydration, positivity, the requirement for some structure to lockdown living and the benefits of fresh air, in more depth.

Weight and daily steps’ targets are set and monitored and everyday items, such as bottles of water, are used instead of equipment that might be found in a boxing or weights class. 

It is a class that boosts team bonding enormously and gives Ultimate Products the satisfaction of knowing it has done all it can to support its employees’ health.

The exercise classes tackle some key issues.

Research indicates that 48% of people have gained weight in lockdown and 47% are worried about their mental health. 

Workers from home are spending an extra 48.5 minutes per day, on average, at their desks and 50% are not taking breaks for physical activity and stretching.

95% are neglecting mini breaks away from desk and screen.

LUV Fitness’s owner and class trainer, Nick Phillips, said: “We have loved delivering our sessions to Ultimate Products’ employees and bringing workmates back together again, whilst improving their health at the same time. 

“There are so many health dangers that could spin out of lockdown and from working from home inactivity and our programme is all about preventing these from setting in.

“We applaud Ultimate Products for being a forward-thinking business that cared about its employees and did not wish to leave them isolated and potentially suffering physical and mental health impacts. 

“Through our sessions, they are back together and achieving much higher levels of fitness, health and wellness.”

Ultimate Products’ Group Operations and HR Director, Craig Holden, said: “Our teams have been amazing during the pandemic, working extremely hard to keep the business operating. 

“After such a long time in lockdown, we could sense that some were starting to struggle and needed a positive way to focus on their health and wellbeing. 

“The LUV Fitness team have been the perfect solution and our employees are enjoying every session.”

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