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Oldham Business Edge magazine

A powerful way to market your brand to the heart of the business community across Oldham Borough.

As the only local B2B publication and website, we are 'the' trusted and popular resource for Local and Regional Business News across Oldham.

With breaking business stories added to our dedicated website and social pages, we have become the trusted and LIVE Business Media Channel across Oldham. 

We can get your important marketing message in front of thousands of C-suite decision makers, Business owners and Senior Managers right here in Oldham.


Our magazine is distributed quarterly to the professional community across the borough, as well as leading businesses, council offices, and business centres.


Our website is a live and up to date resource for all breaking Business News and Business Updates and we also power our digital reach via our Oldham Business Edge Social Media platforms on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

If you would like to discuss a creative and B2B targeted campaign for you business then simply call us on 0161 633 2121 or email the team

Oldham Business Edge is owned and operated by the Oldham Evening Chronicle, a brand that has been at the heart of Oldham since 1854.