Local outfit Digitl launch new website for Scottish scarf maker 

Digitl, the eCommerce, marketplace and web design agency founded by Royton’s Darren Ratcliffe, has launched a new website for the Scottish scarf manufacturer, Glen Isla Cashmere. 

Based in the historic textile town of Langholm, Glen Isla has textiles roots which are firmly planted in Scotland. 

With a history that dates back over 200 years, Glen Isla has become synonymous with Scotland and its rich heritage. 

The new site is the latest launch in a relationship that spans almost 10 months with the business, taking Glen Isla from a clunky Magento 1.9 site over to Shopify, with which Digitl are a partner. 

The new site gives users the ability to browse the website in a simple manner, as well as providing an improved checkout experience. 

In addition to the launch of the new website, Digitl migrated all of the product data, and has made each listing search engine friendly. 

The site gives a good platform for growth, and the site will be easy to adapt and change as and when the time is right to grow. 

Mr Ratcliffe said: “More than anything, we enjoy working with businesses over a period of time and becoming a key part of their team, helping them with their growth aspirations. 

“Shopify was a new option for Glen Isla and one which they hadn’t considered before – but it is a perfect fit for their business.” 

Jacob Twomey, Marketing Executive at SIL Group, said: “Glen Isla was running on a Magento site, and for the number of products we have we just knew that it wasn’t the right fit for the business. 

“We spoke to Digitl who suggested Shopify would be a perfect match. 

“We have got the new site up and running quickly and Digitl helped out from getting everything set up through to importing our products. 

“We’re really happy with the new site, and we had our first order shortly after the site went live!” 

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