Why it pays to Look North for legal services

Legal advice in the north of England could be 20% cheaper

IT pays to take advantage of the North South divide when appointing a lawyer to deal with your legal dispute or commercial debt recovery issue.

Recent research from the Legal Services Board has found that legal advice in the north of England is 20% cheaper and on average London firms are generally 33% more expensive.

In one recent case, Pearson fees were less than a third of the London solicitors they were up against.

The Judge made an order for costs in line with Pearson costs, although this is not always passed down to the client.

“Now more than ever it makes sense for cost savvy clients to look north when appointing a lawyer,” said litigation specialist Asa Cocker.

“With more and more of us working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, both running companies and as lawyers, we are all now used to zoom meetings with clients and dealing remotely with all aspects of our business lives.

“It’s not necessary to pop into your lawyer’s offices anymore and so why would business people consider paying over the odds for legal services and shiny city centre offices when we can deal with your case via email, zoom, skype or whatever is preferable.”

In a recent case completed by Pearson Solicitors, the London solicitors had a cost budget of c.£15,000 and Pearson’s was c.£4,000 and the hourly rate differential was £400 against £180 for much the same work.

Pearson believe their fees should be reasonable, easy to understand and with no hidden charges or extras.

“All aspects of commercial litigation can be dealt with in this way. The law of England and Wales is the same no matter what part of the country you are in – so there is no need to pay a big firm London weighting,” added Mr Cocker.

Pearson offer a full range of commercial litigation services, such as commercial disputes, debt recovery, shareholder disputes, contractual disputes, land disputes, professional negligence and commercial property issues.

Get in touch now by completing the online enquiry form or for a no obligation chat call on 0161 785 3500 or email: asa.cocker@pearsonlegal.co.uk or enquiries@pearsonlegal.co.uk

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