Rising Energy Costs Gives Solar Power an Increased ROI

With energy prices reaching a record high, and small energy companies struggling to compete in a difficult market, these are uncertain times for many Oldham businesses, particularly in manufacturing. 

However, one Oldham business says solar power offers a green energy solution with a return on investment that increases with electricity prices.   

Royton based Thomas Halliwell Electrical Ltd have entered a strategic partnership with renewable energy installer, Trust Renewables to help the businesses of Oldham to reduce their energy bills and run a more environmentally sustainable operation.  

Thomas Halliwell Managing Director Lee Thomas says the discussion about their partnership began when he met Andy Barrow, Trust Renewables Managing Director, at the Manchester Metropolitan University Hydrogen Fuel Cell Innovation Centre: “We quickly bonded over our love of Oldham Athletic.  And from there we quickly began to discuss the benefits of solar power that many local businesses are missing out on.” 

Andy Barrow says the burning of gas to make up the electricity shortfall unable to be produced by wind turbines means the monetary and carbon savings from installing solar panels are greater than ever.  

“Reducing carbon footprints and reducing energy bills are obvious benefits of solar panels yet many businesses seem to overlook them as part of their cost reduction and sustainability strategies. 

“Solar panels are a clear choice for any business wanting to make long term savings on energy costs and carbon emissions.  Because the sun is predictable, we know when it will rise and set each day of the year, we are able to plot energy generation against the usage profile of a business to accurately predict savings before a single panel is fitted.” 

Discover more at www.trustrenewables.com 

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