Local company set to expand customer base globally

A consultancy firm which has its roots in Oldham is set to expand its services around the globe.

Thinkwild Ltd, owned by Jo-Anne Wild from Shaw already deals with clients from all over the UK, but is expanding further, thanks to a partnership with an international software company.

Leap, an Australian based company, who develop management software for legal practices, have engaged Thinkwild since 2014.

Jo-Anne, 53, and Thinkwild were instrumental in providing Leap implementation and training services throughout the UK and are an official Leap network partner.

With clients worldwide, Leap have committed to collaborate further with Thinkwild to expand their software services.

It’s a far cry from the company set up by Jo-Anne back in 2013.

After 25 years experience as a consultant, working mainly in the legal sector, the businesswoman had identified a lack of training and poor implementation of business software.

“Working in the legal sector for a long time showed me that processes were old fashioned and not viable”, said Jo-Anne.  “The companies were run well, but there was little commitment to these integral parts of their strategy”.

After implementing more streamlined working practices, and introducing new software to help trainee solicitors, Jo-Anne decided in 2013 that it was time to use her skillset and experience to build her own consultancy.

“I took the risk to set up on my own and used my outside-the-box thinking and my surname to create Thinkwild”. 

Within weeks, Thinkwild had secured its first customers, including Leap.

After seven years of operation, Jo-Anne says the company now provides services to legal firms, housing providers and local government.

“My aim is to provide advice but also a constructive training service to any business”.

Thinkwild currently employs five people, and has moved into new office space in Oldham, after an increase in demand.

Jo-Anne says she’s appreciative of the help from the Business Growth Hub who offer support and funding to Greater Manchester businesses.

“After the whirlwind of receiving instant customers, retainers, and providing consistent services, we did need some help to produce our own strategy. The Growth Hub were great and supported us through this process”. 

With the new strategy in place, and the expansion of the partnership with Leap, Jo-Anne says she’s excited about the future.

“Leap have asked us to provide services for them worldwide, which means growth for the company.  We’re also hoping to introduce degree apprenticeships to provide on-the-job training for new staff in 2021, to further strengthen our team.”

Thinkwild Ltd is based at 17 Gravel Walks, Oldham, OL4 1JY.  Telephone: 0161 660 1465. Email: info@thinkwild.co.uk.  Or you can follow their progress on Twitter @thinkwilkltd.

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