North West IT company commits to making technology accessible


Is your business operating on multiple systems? Do you have a system for payroll, a different system for customer information and another for financial accounts?

Having a single system to manage everything can make your life so much easier…DCS can help you make a start.

DCS Solutions are supporting growing, innovative businesses from a range of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, with a consultative approach to applying technology to grow your business.

Through a series of free, practical workshops, business consultants from DCS are offering individual advice and ideas on how businesses can work towards achieving growth ambitions and improving working processes.

Key discussion points of the workshops include:

  • Automation – understand how to make your business run more efficiently
  • Stock control – understand stock levels and materials requirements
  • Reduce manufacturing costs – improve running costs overheads and margin
  • Gain more insight – understanding data to evaluate the performance of your business

Business development consultant from DCS, Adam Rawlins, has a wealth of experience working with manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, supporting them to scale up, grow and expand into new markets whilst taking on new products and customers.

He said: “Many businesses out there who still operate on multiple systems are now realising that some simple upgrades to their technology can open up so many opportunities for them. As they begin to optimise processes and realise the cost and time savings technology can bring, they are utilising their systems to analyse their business data.”

“Big Data is not just for large multinational corporates. All businesses, no matter their current size, need a reliable way of making sure they have access to data about the performance of their business so that they can make more informed decisions about investments.”

“We are working with a number of organisations to demonstrate how various systems can be easily implemented to remove manual processes, improve accuracy and enhance collaborative working within their organisation. Contrary to popular belief, this technology is accessible for all businesses, from start-ups through to larger, more established firms.”


Reflect & Recharge workshop

Improve stock management, inventory and operations planning by recharging your Digital Transformation strategy

Wednesday 9th October 2019 – Linda Lewis Kitchens Ltd, Units 3-5 Belgrave Industrial Estate, Honeywell Lane, Oldham. OL8 2JP

For full details and to register your place visit or call 0808 168 8922


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