Precision engineers play key part in Revomaze puzzles

DAWSON Precision Components (DPC) is supplying engineered parts for thousands of 3-D revolving Revomaze metal puzzles.

The engineering firm is manufacturing components for Revomaze developer Ashton Pitt Ltd, based in Cumbria, which sells the cylindrical mazes globally.

DPC has so far supplied 5,000 mazes plus other precision-engineered parts including aluminium sleeves and stainless-steel drawbars and pins.

Simon Dawson, managing director of DPC, said: “There are currently eight different versions in production with more planned. The mazes have very complex designs, with square and circular moves, different paths and depths.

“Machining the parts requires very complicated G-code programming for our equipment. We use a top-of-the-range Citizen M32 machine for the main bodies and a Mazak turn/mill centre for aluminium sleeves. Other Citizen machines are used for other parts.

“DPC’s product inspection and process control services are also critical. There are 21 aspects to check. The finish is also crucial.

DPC was founded in 1965 and provides wide-ranging precision engineering and subcontract services to clients in the UK, Europe and beyond. Over £1 million has been invested in expanding its facilities by owners Simon Dawson, Paul Dawson and Julie Hughes.

Simon Dawson, left, of Dawson Precision Components and Chris Pitt of Ashton Pitt, with Revomaze components
Pictures of Revomaze puzzles and components

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