New Chair of YENO (Youth Enterprise Network Oldham)

Sonia Ayaz is the new Chair of YENO (Youth Enterprise Network Oldham).

Sonia takes over from Eric Bishyika who is now attending University.

We would like to thank Eric for all his hard work on YENO’s behalf and also confirm that he remains a very key member of the group.

Sonia Ayaz is an Oldham based British designer who has been supported by Oldham Enterprise Trust.

The Sonia Ayaz brand was born out of Sonia’s personal experiences of putting her health first and making an important lifestyle change.

Her brand is 100% free of any animal and animal by-products; no silk, fur, wool or leather is used making the handbags. They are vegan, environmentally friendly, and ethically produced by the finest craftsmanship.

Sonia Ayaz’s values include a commitment towards being sustainable, socially responsible, and authentic in every collection and business phase.

For these reasons the materials used are obtained from ethical sources. Sonia was clear she didn’t want to compromise style for sustainability, so she made it her mission to source the best leather alternatives and makers to work with.

This journey took Sonia around the world and now, Sonia’s first product, the Electra handbag, is ready after nearly two years of hard work – now that’s a lot of love!

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