Local Artists innovates to adapt to the new lockdown restrictions

Simon Mound Artist from Lees
Simon Mound a local Oldham artist innovates to adapt to the new lockdown restrictions.

A local artist from Mossley has transformed his business on-line after the Coronavirus pandemic changed his business landscape

Simon Mound, 47, has been an artist since 2004 starting out at home then moving into his studio above ‘Alfie’s Attic’ on the High Street in Lees. 

With shops being locked down and his outlet classed as non-essential, Simon felt the need to come up with a new innovative way to showcase his art for sale.

“After the first lockdown where the shops had to close, I didn’t know what I could do with all goods being sold from the studio.  It has been tough for the retail industry and I have seen many of my friend’s shops have close on the high street because of this”.

Simon quicky moved his art online by setting up his own website and having a local photographer take pictures of his works.

“It was a massive learning curve as I had never had an experience of setting up a website, so it was initially a bit daunting’”.

After getting to grips with the digital transformation, Simon launched his website adding the first unique walk around virtual exhibition of his artwork.

“I had plans to launch a real-life exhibition not only in the studio but using other local business premises and creating exhibition events to support local as well as showcase my artwork.  Due to the pandemic, this was impossible, leaving me having to reconsider how to get my artwork into people’s homes”.

Simon says he was ‘over the moon’ when the website orders came rolling in.

“I cannot believe how much support I have received from everyone with the launch of my website and virtual exhibition and thank everyone for their orders as this is keeping my business afloat”.

Simon offers custom made painted designs of music legends past and present as well as celebrities and other well-loved icons.

“I have recently had a lot of personal commissions requests of self-portraits and even of peoples pets.  They’ve sent in pictures for me to work on which I have thoroughly enjoyed painting”.

Simon creates his unique and skilful work by designing vinyl stencils and then using the spray paint technique called ‘clique’ to form a bespoke finish and effect to each of his paintings.

The Covid restrictions have not stopped Simon from proactively adapting to these changes.

“I have recently introduced framed prints of the painted artwork using a local printer and sourcing frames in Oldham.  This is great as I can sell framed artwork at a very affordable price”.

Simon hopes to create some new pieces over the next few months and welcomes any commissions which can be requested through the website.

“When lockdown is over, I cannot wait to stick to my original plan to work with other local business to showcase the collection”.

You can visit Simons virtual art exhibition and order his fantastic paintings and prints at wwww.simonmountart.co.uk or on Facebook @SimonMountArt, Twitter and Instagram @SimonMound.

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