Hearing stories of “Women In Business”

Adam Davidson

Two men who’ve written a book about women in business say the advice is invaluable to all entrepreneurs. 

Adam Davison and Culain Wood have collaborated to share stories of women’s experience with their own companies which were first told to Adam on a podcast. 

The book, called “Women In Business” is the first to be launched by Adam’s company Trinity U, a business coaching platform. 

“It’s a unique proposition”, says Adam, who is based in Chadderton.  “This is a book about businesswomen, written by businessmen, intended for everyone. 

The publication features stories of overcoming business challenges, along with authentic advice and motivational messages aimed at anyone involved in business, or thinking about going it alone. 

“The book brings together the stories of several people I’ve had the pleasure to interview.  The fact they are all women is the obvious similarity, but the messages to do with things like perseverance, determination, resilience and good old-fashioned hard work are much more important than gender.” 

Culain, who works as a copywriter, says he was inspired by the stories: “Working on this book with Adam was a pleasure, and listening to the stories of the women we featured was a privilege. 

“Business owners of any age and any stage of their journey can take a lot from these stories, as can people of any gender. 

“The businesspeople featured are all women.  They may well have achieved success because of that fact, but we explore the attributes and attitudes that help them overcome adversity and find success in their very different disciplines and as part of their very busy lives.” 

The collaboration between the two authors is set to continue with a more personal account of the trials and tribulations of a life in business, featureing anecdotes from Adam’s 40-plus year-long career. 

“Women in Business” is available on Amazon, and as an audio book on Audible 

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