B2B Oldham Software Specialist, Koderly, Releases Cloud-native Test Management Platform

Koderly, Oldham

Koderly, has announced its diversification by launching Qucate, a new SaaS test management platform for functional software systems.

Koderly are an Oldham-based software and services company with 20+ years’ experience providing enterprise technology solutions to market-leading brands. Key services include travel technology, bespoke development, and database administration and support.

Koderly have used Qucate internally for over 12 years, and have now released a new cloud-native version aimed at QA managers, testers, and development teams.

The test management platform allows testers to plan, track, and manage their functional software testing to improve quality and testing coverage. It will provide a holistic view of the testing process, to help users identify trends and visibility of testing metrics.

Product Director, Ian Munro says “We’re excited to launch Qucate, and we’re confident that the platform offers the functionality, flexibility, and usability to disrupt the established players in the market. Qucate is built by developers of functional software systems for developers of functional software systems, and we use the product every day at Koderly. We’ve built the new version of Qucate from the ground up, using modern cloud-based technologies, and we believe Qucate offers a unique proposition in the market”.

To find out more about Qucate and to sign up for a free trial, head to Koderly’s website: https://www.koder.ly/functional-testing-test-management/

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